Friday, January 10, 2014

gRACE: The Foundation of Diversity in the Church

The title of this post is also the name of our new sermon series that begins this Sunday.

Before you think... "yeah, yeah.. here goes Matt again... trying to get me in the door at church."     STOP!!!! 

Do I want you to join us?  ABSOLUTELY YES.  But please don't dismiss this post as just another annoying sermon series announcement. 

This series is about a journey that God has been taking me and my family on the last few years.  Sunday will be an opportunity for me to share some tough truth that is leading me to daily repentance.  This Sunday and the rest of this series we will expose a blind spot in our church and other churches around us... Sin that most people in church are okay to just leave alone. 

We'll expose  RACISM in the church as evidenced by the lack of diversity in churches that exist in diverse communities. Gone are the days of separate water fountains, bus seats and bathrooms...

BUT, it does seem that we prefer in the church to Keep Em Separated (sorry for The Offspring reference).

In this series we'll talk about God's heart for the nations and will reflect on the diversity that existed in the early church and some of the things the Apostle Paul had to say about grace, unity and loving community in the context of the diverse early church.  We'll see that the way a church lives out the disciple making mission of Jesus in the city will either encourage or discourage racial and social diversity.  We'll work hard to learn how to foster a "grace culture" in our church so that people of all backgrounds, social classes and circumstances can find community, can grow in relationship with Jesus and can live out the disciple making mission of Jesus together.

I hope you will join us this Sunday!!!  MORE INFO ABOUT OUR SERVICE

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