Saturday, November 16, 2013

Baptizing Anna Claire

I'm baptizing my big girl tomorrow.  I'm so proud of her and am grateful for her faith in Jesus and her desire for people around her to know the goodness of Christ.  

A few weeks ago we were having our nightly family time together before the kids go to bed...  We usually read something from the Bible, pray together and even sing.  This is also one of those moments in our day when the kids ask questions.  On that night Anna Claire said: "Dad, its time for me to get baptized."  

Anna Claire, what do you think makes you ready to get baptized?  "Well, I know that I need God's forgiveness and I want my life to belong to him... and I want Him to use me to bring my friends to Jesus too."  Have you talked to God about this?  Did you tell him you are giving your life to him and want the death  & resurrection of Jesus to bring about forgiveness in your life?  "No, I have not told him that yet."  Maybe you should.  "Can I now?"  Of course.  

With some tears...
"God, I know that I sin and disobey all the time.  Please forgive me.  God, I am giving my life to you.  I want to be with you in heaven.  Thank you for sending Jesus to rescue and forgive me.  In Jesus name... Amen." 
Simple faith. I'm reminded of the time when the disciples thought a group of children were bothering Jesus.  Jesus said: “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 19:14

When we announced Anna Claire's Baptism several friends asked... Don't you mean Charlotte (our infant daughter)?  The question was asked because in our community, with the predominant religious tradition being Catholicism, most people are used to infant baptism.  In our tradition we believe the Bible teaches that Baptism should occur after a person surrenders his/her life to Jesus and receives forgiveness from God made possible through the sacrifice of Jesus.  Baptism, to us, is an external picture of new found faith.  Christ died, was burred and rose again... we die to ourselves as we surrender our lives to Christ... beginning a new spiritual life in relationship with God.  Baptism happens AFTER we surrender to Jesus, accept his forgiveness and enter relationship with Him.  We believe the best way to display what Jesus did through baptism is to baptize by immersion.  We believe John the Baptist baptized Jesus this way... so we do as well.  

If you live close and desire to join us for her baptism tomorrow please simply show up at our service!  We'd love to have you! We start at 10AM and will conclude about 11:30AM.  Baptisms will take place during the last 20 minutes of our service.  MORE INFO