Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rebuild 100 Homes in EIGHT DAYS! Come Help!

I was introduced to Eight Days of Hope by Dr. Sam Shaw, one of our partner pastors in Memphis, TN.  I met with Sam for coffee right after my family evacuated to Memphis during the Hurricane this past fall.  When he told me he was involved in an organization that could rebuild at least 100 homes in 8 days I did not believe him but committed to follow up with the contacts he had given me.

Then I met Steve Tybor, the President and founder of Eight Days of Hope.  He shared stories of how they got started and how peoples lives were impacted by his LARGE crew of contractors, construction workers and just regular Joes.  I knew Steve was a christian and that his organization was founded to serve because of Steve's Christianity but I wanted to know that the Gospel would be central if Eight Days of Hope came to the New Orleans area.

A lot has happened the last few months.  We've partnered with local churches and associations and with the parish.  Funds are being raised.  Housing has been secured, food trailers are coming. And people are excited to have help!

In a couple of months hundreds of men and women will descend on Laplace, LA armed with hammers, paintbrushes, supplies and the Gospel of Christ.  900 people are already on board for this event.  I am very excited!  

Here is where you come in:     I want to invite you to join us!  We need more construction workers, contractors and regular joes to come serve our city.  Dates are March 9-16. To learn more and to register go to:  Click "VOLUNTEER"

The event is FREE of charge. Food & housing is provided.
   PLEASE let us know if you register to come.  Our hope church family would love to spend some time with you while you are here.  E-Mail

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