Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Why I Hate Religion BUT Love Jesus"

The following video was posted on YouTube on Junuary 10, 2012 and at this moment has over 10,000,000 views. Check it out.

The most intriguing thing about this video is how millions of young adults have responded to it. I am a pastor of new church in New Orleans that focuses on offering the Hope of Jesus to young adults who are disenfranchised by Religious activity but who desire to know Jesus and experience the beauty of Christian Community.

I have found the beautiful, fully satisfying, grace of Jesus. I am grateful to be a part of a community of faith that deeply knows and loves Jesus. A group of my friends and I have started a church here in NOLA called Hope Church because we want those who yearn to know how good Jesus is to be satisfied by Him.

As a young pastor in New Orleans seeking to reach and teach other young adults to know and love Jesus, I am interested in how people who are not involved with church feel about Jesus, Religion and the Church. I am interested in learning how you would reach out and build relationships with young adults who live in a city that are caught up in empty religious activity.

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So if you're in NOLA and looking for a church please hit us up. We'd love to hang with you... to seek Jesus together. We are a pretty imperfect crew that relies on God's great GRACE. We're imperfect but we certainly set our sights on knowing and loving Jesus and serving our city. Our gathering times and my contact info is on our website.


  1. Man I know I have been saying for so long that I will come to church and I never do. I pray everyday and read the bible throughout the week but I don't know why I dot go to church. I feel like I need a "reason" to go. If that makes any sense. I really don't know how to explain it. There are plenty of great reasons why I should go but then when I think about more I always think that praying and reading the bible is enough. And I don't know if this sounds weird or not but when I'm in church I feel like I do it all wrong. Do you have any idea of what I mean?

  2. YES! I know exactly what you mean. You don't have to have it right to be a part of the church. Also... at our church it is not somewhere you come. sure, we get in the car to be together... BUT, It is a group of really jacked up people loving and being loved by God together. The emphasis is loving Jesus with a community not jumping through the "I go to church" hoop that makes us right with God. We want to hang with you, care for you and struggle along side of you to understand and love Jesus.

    I am really glad you read the Bible and pray. I think that is amazing.

    PLEASE STOP THINKING ABOUT THE CHURCH AS A PLACE YOU HAVE TO GO! Its a group of friends seeking the same thing... the same person: JESUS. No judgement here.

  3. Now that makes a lot of sense! Do you guys still meet at your house? I want to come.

  4. Yes, we are still meeting at the house every other week and we meet at a hotel for more of a worship service every other week. This week we are at the hotel. Next week back at my house. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday! More Info:

  5. Here is a pretty good blog post expressing some concern with the video I have posted. I happen to agree with what Kevin DeYoung had to say here. I do think though that the video was not written for the church but for the young adults out there that are disenfranchised by the Religiosity.

  6. Here is a second Kevin DeYoung post that I am even more impressed with. Show Christian men humbly giving and accepting criticism. We don't see this nearly enough in our christian communities.


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